HOPE HOUSE, Polin, Ukrain

New Building for Orphans and Widows acquired in Ukraine. 12 UNITS WITH KITCHENS, BATHROOMS, NEEDED URGENTLY. The Ukrainian war has left thousands of orphans and Widows. They need long term shelter as they try to pick up the pieces and find a new home.  Please help us build out this new shelter in the city of Polin, near the Polish Boarder. Every donation helps. DONATE

Hope For Honduras Medical Clinics

Our organization partners with The Hope Center in Honduras to operate medical clinics in 3 locations. Our clinics are centered in villages where there are no other adequate health care facilities. Our medical staff of volunteers from the U.S and around the world provide care for all ages, from pediatric to geriatric, for hundreds of vulnerable families each day. Donations and partnerships have made it possible to provide emergency medicine and free health screening equipment to those who do not have access to medical care. This humanitarian outreach is truly saving lives. 



Shoes For Life Honduras

A pair of shoes can save a life. In many under developed countries infectious disease and parasites spread through bare feet because of exposure to unclean water and hazardous conditions. Our goal is to continue to distribute over 3000 pairs of shoes each year. The joy a child expresses when they receive a new pair of shoes is priceless. We partner with American retailers like Old Navy, Ross and Walgreens to provide high quality shoes to kids in need.  


Mongolian churches covid 19 relief fund

Please help us provide food, shelter and humanitarian aid aid those who lost their homes and church building due covid 19. They have no government assistance and are cut off from all other countries. You can help by providing a donation of $100 to help a christian family in need.   


Breathe Mongolia

Help Save Children & PREGNANT moms by providing a life-saving Air MAsk

Imagine a place where the air is literally poisonous, unborn babies do not survive in the womb, and mothers have a 300% chance of miscarriage. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capitol city, is this place- with its new designation as THE WORLD'S MOST POLLUTED CITY. According to a (Unicef Study), Ulaanbaatar is ground zero for one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet. Troy Marshall Ministries and Charities has commissioned a life-saving mask. With an RZ Masks, children and pregnant mothers are being saved from deadly pollution. Each mask is equipped with an N99 stage 4 active carbon filter. The mask lasts 3 years and comes with six 60 hour filters. Through our comprehensive registration program we can distribute filters in previous locations without duplicating our efforts. Your donation of $30 will provide a mask for a child or pregnant mom, and $150 for a family.